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Search for a Bank of America near me

Let’s know about the bank of America near me which will help you to search here and there. By entering your address, zip code, or landmark into the search field on the official website, you can find all of the Bank of America locations near you on the map below. This is the easiest way to find any branch near you.

ATM near me for BOA

Are you interested in locating an ATM in your area? You can see all the ATMs and the financial centers of this bank at Every ATM both you could find near you.

bank of America near me
bank of America near me


It is the largest bank in the United States of America, offering all the necessary banking services, including the ability to open an online checking account. Therefore, a large number list of important details about the business can be found below, including contact details and business hours for customer support also other services.

The customer service department can be reached at +1 315-724-4022

Hours of operation: The opening hours change depending on your location, so you should check the branch nearest you for the most up-to-date information.

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You can visit the home page of this site to find other nearby banks at if you are interested in finding other bank locations near you.

How to open a Bank of America account in the US with tourist status

It is very convenient to open a bank account in America as a tourist or foreign customer. You can hold your own passport and find the address of a friend in the United States. My personal experience is that it was opened directly at Chase without any other materials. Only the account holder must come to the United States which is mandatory.

To open an account with Chase Bank, you need to open 2 accounts at the same time; one is a savings account or a checking account. Moreover, the savings account is at least $300, and the cash account is at least $1,500.

When sending money from other countries to the United States, the money is remitted to the savings account. If the money in the cash account is not enough, you can transfer the money to the savings account.

In addition, I have opened online banking, and I don’t need a USB shield, because the bank only recognizes my signature. If the signature does not match, I have the right to disapprove the bill within 2 months.

Third, there is no limit to the number of remittances received by the United States, but unfortunately, many countries have restrictions on the number of remittances. Because I am a foreigner in the United States, I do not have to pay interest tax. However, the US dollar was remitted to the United States.

Then, the service staff may give you several checks when opening an account. You can choose not to. If you want it, it is best to use it in the United States. If you use it in other countries, the cost will be higher.



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